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شحن مضمون حول العالم

1 G

  • Blue Cat Eye Anklet

    Take your outfit from traditional to chic with our durable, shiny Blue Cat Eye Anklet. Petite detailing like this is the latest trend, and paired with heels and a matching dress, you’ll be unstoppable.

    This beautiful, lightweight Blue Cat Eye Anklet from Sedra, featuring 1g of gold weight, the perfect suggestion of yellow gold tone, and a luxurious Blue Cat Eye stone, will sit as gently on your ankle as a cloud.

    It is made with care – because you deserve it! 18k gold, diamond, and natural stone. The size ranges from 26 cm. To 28 cm. Get your paws on this one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

  • White Anklet

    Anyone can wear this anklet, from a chunky silver belle to delicate little loves. This beautiful anklet boasts a touch of elegance and femininity. The gold band is delicately adorned with a small, delicate white pearls. It can be worn on any day to add an extra shine to your outfit!

    Made from 18k gold, diamond and mother of pearl. The size ranges from 26 cm. To 28 cm.